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Awake: Tycho

Awake: Tycho

OK, so I have thirty-seven tracks in my playlist from Scott Hansen, musically he goes by Tycho, and I have to say that he is my favorite artist/musician. When people ask me that question, "Who's your favorite band/group?" Without question it's Tycho.

When I first discovered Tycho it was when Dive (2012), Tycho's first LP, came out. I was browsing through the electronic category in iTunes and happened across 'A Walk' and had myself a moment. It was like meeting someone for the first time and realizing you were going to be lifelong friends. 

Like most people that find a gold nugget, I had to see exactly how much of the stuff was out there. Come to find out, Tycho had been making music since 2002! What? And only now do I find this out? 

So what is his sound like? That's a tough one. Sure he's electronic, but he isn't dubstep or house--so just get that out of your head. He's more atmospheric, but not post-rock--well maybe there are some subtle influences there. He's got a lot of drum and bass guitar, but that's not a way to engenre (my own made up word) his sound. The Tycho sound certainly draws influence from others, namely Boards of Canada and Ulrich Schnauss, but he draws influence from everything--nature, life, music past and present.

What I am trying to say is that Tycho defies any attempt at being put in a genre. He is going places others haven't and to define him with a label is silly. I saw him in concert with my oldest daughter a couple years back in Philly, and I am planning on seeing him again this month, this time with my middle daughter, and once again in Philly, but what struck me when I saw him in concert a few years ago was the audience. It was such a mix. It was as if the audience was still trying to figure out what the heck this Tycho thing is. Some were bouncing off each other, some were jamming in musical ecstasy, some were hipsters, some were high-schoolers, some were 30 somethings with their teenage daughters--well, that was just me. To be honest, I would have felt just as comfortable listening to Tycho perform in a symphony hall as a small 4-500 person venue. 

As far as the track 'Awake', it comes off his new album Awake where he collaborates with his bassist and drummer to produce his second LP--which is a departure for him. Awake, like all Tycho tracks, is instrumental, relying on intelligently crafted rhythms, synth and guitar riffs. It makes you feel like you are on journey, walking briskly through a beautiful vista. It's what I imagine would be playing in heaven over the loud speakers while you are hiking. Take a listen and let me know what you think by leaving a comment. Like it on Facebook for extra credit.

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